Consider the Wildflower: Our Unsung Ecological Hero

When literary legend David Foster Wallace penned his 2004 essay Consider the Lobster, he turned a would-be review of the Maine Lobster Festival into a poignant reflection on the rights of beclawed nonhumans, as they were boiled up and served with butter en masse in a bizarre spectacle of festive massacre.In the essay, Wallace expunges … Continue reading Consider the Wildflower: Our Unsung Ecological Hero

Roadsides: a Hidden Wildlife Refuge

Guest Post by Stephen Thompson Colourful swards of flora, bees settling on stamens, and butterflies hastily gathering rich nectar. Acts you might associate with manicured flowerbeds in the garden - or a secluded fragment of the local park. However, a typical garden, small meadow, or arable grassland tends to only support a few tenacious flowering … Continue reading Roadsides: a Hidden Wildlife Refuge

Derailing HS2’s Ecological Train Robbery

Against a tide of urban expansion, the UK grows ever devoid of ancient forests in comparison with the majority of mainland Europe. Although consequences are forming to a many-headed hydra of ecological disaster - such as a shameful 56% decline in wild species, and air pollution now declared a ‘public health emergency’ in the UK … Continue reading Derailing HS2’s Ecological Train Robbery